Research & Development

We pride ourselves on working with Research and Development businesses across the country. Throughout the years we have built a rapport with various companies from the Automotive industry to the M.O.D.

Our units provide environments that can serve a wide range of uses for research and development.


From testing the entire car in extreme conditions to individual component performance testing including engines, tyres and electricals.


The testing of composites parts for the aerospace industry and many other sectors.


Working with the M.O.D for ammunition storage and testing.


We can provide cross docking facilities, third party blast freezing and product storage for a wide range of industries.

Airports / Airline Services

We deal with airside and non-airside installations. We can provide multi temperature border inspection posts to providing production facilities and storage spaces for airline meals.

Renewable Energy

From a testing facility for wind turbine blades to heat recovery for refrigeration plants.

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