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Experience in a breadth of industries

When it comes to our Project Development Managers the experience they possess is immense. They are well versed in the industries we operate in, and this has only strengthened over the years.

Additionally, they are supported by an infrastructure ‘second to nobody in our sector’ in expertise and experience. At the design stage we have a technical team, at the planning stage a projects team, delivery is carried out by our own transport team and post installation we have an in-house service team supported by the regional Customer Support Engineers department.



Dawsonrentals have a long standing presence in the food industry; with our experience within this sector we provide the upmost customer care. Our units and bespoke builds will fit your exact needs to increase both your productivity and efficiencies. We pride ourselves in how we have supported the food industry, and will continue developing with the sector into the future.    

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Dawsonrentals have spent the last few years radically changing our approach to pharmaceuticals. By listening to key members of the pharmaceutical industry, we have gained a genuine understanding of its wants and needs. We have subsequently produced the most advanced cold storage unit available on the market.

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Research & Development

We believe that working within the research and development industry is vital for the future of various industries. To be able to work with businesses creating new and exciting innovations is what we take immense pride in. We cover large ranging R&D industries from forensic evidence to renewable energy.

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Working with the environmental sector for industries such as Healthcare and Museums, allowing product testing or safe storage, just shows the wide ranging projects we can undertake. Our units can be adapted to your needs, whatever the sector you are in, all in aid to improve your business.

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