Hot Boxes for product testing

Our Hot Boxes enable you to store or test your product at a variety of temperatures, up to +85°C.

Our diverse refrigeration systems have the ability to control temperatures as high as +85°C, within 1° of set points. Whatever temperature you need to store or test your product at, our Hot Boxes have the solution for you.

The system uses its reverse cycle function to increase the temperature, whilst high efficiency fans move the air to ensure even temperature distribution.

The heat-proof interior is also food-safe and easy-clean.

The units serve a variety of sectors, primarily for storing and also testing products. However, they are also capable of ageing or ripening products for example.

Adjustable temperature settings

Set-point scheduling to suit your individual needs.

Low noise and energy efficient

Down to the highly efficient capacity control compressor.

High-speed fans

Ensuring even temperature distribution.

GPRS data logger

To be able to continuously monitor 24/7.

Unit interior

Easy clean surfaces, non-slip resin floors, internal drain, and LED lighting.

Safety features

Personnel Trapped, Mains Failure and Over/Under Temperature alarms, emergency door release, and emergency lighting.


Available in various sizes.

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