Humidity Control

Our units are able to control humidity, matching your needs across a wide range of sectors.

With the use of humidifiers and dehumidifiers, we can control the humidity in any given unit to the RH level that is required.The units can be used over a broad spectrum of different industries, for storage, testing, ripening, ageing, and can also increase the shelf life of your products.


High quality humidifiers and dehumidifiers

Allow precise humidity control to the required RH level.

High-speed fans

Ensuring good ventilation.

GPRS data logger

To be able to continuously monitor 24/7.

Reduced energy usage

Down to the highly efficient capacity control compressor.

Unit interior

Easy clean surfaces, non-slip resin floors, internal drain, LED lighting, and door and frame heaters.

Safety features

Man Trapped, Mains Failure and Over/Under Temperature alarms, emergency door release, and emergency lighting.


Available in 14, 20, 31, 39, and 42 UK pallet sizes.

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