With our in-house knowledge, we can provide complete turnkey packaged walk-in Cleanrooms to the very cleanest of environmental specification.

Our main advantage is the ability to install weather-proof, walk-in Cleanrooms, pre-built to an agreed specification. By utilising external space as well as not interrupting current processes, it allows integrated expansion for the customer. The rental benefit provides full repair and also maintenance within an agreed budget.

We fit Pressure Clean Air Modules to our Cleanrooms to create the positive pressure environment. These all have variable speed controls and clean air enters through an EU4 grade pre-filter as well as an H14 HEPA filter which is 99.997% efficient at 0.3microns.

We offer Cleanroom ISO classifications 6-8. To achieve the classification of a Cleanroom a number of air changes are also required per hour in accordance with BS EN ISO 14644 as per below:

Classification Air Changes Per Hour
ISO Class 8 5 – 48
ISO Class 7 60 – 90
ISO Class 6 150 – 240

Click here to learn more about ISO Classes.

Latest Technology

For control of temperature, air filtration and humidity.

Safety features

LPCB certified fire resistant units, fully integrated controls and alarm systems.


For external or standard internally located units.

Kit form

If required for confined, very large or non-ground level builds.

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