Ambient Buildings

Renowned as suppliers of temperature controlled buildings we have applied our expertise and experience to offer a design and manufacturing service to supply ambient buildings.

We understand that any build must work commercially for your business and our project development managers will work with you on how the building will work best for you in terms of various factors, for example number of doors, lighting levels etc. It is bespoke to your needs.

You will find the turnaround time that we offer is one of the fastest on the market. Tell us what you need; we’ll design it with you and erect it for you in a matter of weeks on a commercial basis that suits you.

Bespoke build

To fit your exact requirements.

Minimal disruption

Fitting the build around you.

Leading quality equipment

Built with longevity in mind.

Dedicated project team

Working with you every step of the way.

Short lead times

Allow you to expand your operations quickly.

Ready to transform your workflow, efficiency and productivity?

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