Cold Stores

Dawsonrentals | temperature control solutions offers various types of cold storage solutions to help our clients react to different market situations, whether that be increased available storage space, improved process flow or increased production output. Our cold stores can be used to enable our clients to do more, with a cost effective solution. This page shows the starting point that we have when creating our clients bespoke solutions, all of our units are customised to ensure they are exactly what our client needs.

coldstore smallmedium coldstorecold store largebig cold store

Cold Storecold storecold storelarge cold store
dimensions of units
14 pallet cold store dimensions20 pallet cold store dimensions31 pallet cold store dimensions39 pallet cold store demensions
internal area
20meter cold store30 meter cold store40 meter cold store50 meter cold store
open plan cold store

Our 'standard' units are sometimes not an ideal solution for our clients. This is where our 'widespan' comes in. The development of the widespan allowed clients to fully utilise available space on their sites, as well as help reduce running costs compared to having several stand-alone units. This coupled with the fact that a widespan has no size limit, makes it a perfect solution that has the potential to benefit our clients across the country.

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