Blast Chillers | Blast Freezers

Our Blast Freezing/Chilling facilities are completely bespoke to each and every client. For every client, calculations are carried out to ensure that the blast freezer or chiller is exactly what the client needs. What is the point of having a blast chiller/freezer if it can't chill the product down to the required temperature in the required time? That's why we carry out caculations as well as product trials to ensure that the clients needs are fully taken care of. 

Some of our units can be seen below, however keep in mind, just because you have 20 pallets worth of product doesn't mean the 20 pallet blast freezer will give you enough power to be able to reach your required temperature, please don't hesitate to contact us to establish your bespoke requirments.

Blast chillerblast chillerblast freezerblast freezer

31 pallet blast freezer60kw Blast Freezerblast chiller hire blast chiller

dimensions of blast freezerblast freezer dimensionsblast freezer dimensionsblast freezer dimensions

40 square meter blast chiller40 square meter blast chiller28 square meter blast freezerblast chiller blast for rent

31 pallet blast freezer31 pallet blast freezer20 pallet blast chillersmall blast freezer

linked cold store

All of our units can also be linked to an existing factory, to be used as 'extensions' instead of stand-alone units. This helps with the process flow within a factory, as blast freezing or chilling facilities may be accessed without the need to travel, sometimes quite large distances. The linked units are also not exclusive to blast chillers / freezers and can be incorporated on all of our units, whether they be cold stores, blast facilities, tempering / defrost units or widespans.

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