Below is a selection of comments we often hear and if you want further clarification on any or have a question of something not listed then please call us on 01623 516666 or use the Contact Us page.

Why rent instead of buy?

The deciding factors are invariably market confidence / uncertainty or speed. The alternative is usually to build but can you justify the capital spend? How long is the contract, what volumes do you expect, how quickly do you need to be operational? 

What if I want to own the asset in the future?

We understand the concerns that once on hire, equipment stays long beyond the originally intended period which is why we now offer purchase options at the end of the hire term at a price agreed with you within the original hire agreement.

Does external storage break the 'chill chain'!

We do not supply 'containers in a car park'. The majority of the units we supply either link directly to your factory through an aperture in a wall or an adjustable elevation platform to lift the unit to the height of a loading dock.

We can supply stand-alone multi-compartmental complexes, which include their own changing rooms, etc. where a stand-alone facility is needed such as for a ‘free-from’ product.

Will hiring a portable unit compromise my HACCP system?

Absolutely not. We have had our units inspected by an independent HACCP inspector to ensure conformity.

Will the equipment be new or old?refurbished cold store

The choice is yours. We manufacture new equipment 52 weeks a year to cope with our customer demand. On average almost 50% of units delivered were brand new units. Those delivered which were not new all received a bodywork refurbishment and refrigeration plant soak test.

Can I view the unit prior to delivery?

Yes, if not new build, customers are encouraged to view equipment being prepared at Sutton-in-Ashfield, or request photographs.  For larger projects requiring new build we can arrange to visit the bodybuilder and view production.

What if I need something different, or of a different size, at a later date but still within contract?

This is one of the benefits of rental. We can add modules, remove modules, up- or down-size to suit your changing business requirements.

Aren't rental companies notorious for high damage charges post hire?

For transparency, our Customer Support Manual identifies what is acceptable and not acceptable on return. On return all damage is photographed before repair to avoid potential disputes. If damage occurs during hire we recommend that we are advised and repair carried out immediately. If not repaired promptly, any damage can affect the performance of the unit, increase your running costs and deteriorate resulting in a higher future repair cost. Our Bodyshop Engineer will recommend measures to avoid a repeat which is in both of our interests as damage may affect the longevity of the equipment and/or affect the ultimate resale price of the unit.

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