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Environmental Test Chambers


Our walk in test chambers are available in sizes starting from 7.5m² (Internal area) with off the shelf models from 12m². They are capable of maintaining a variety of temperature and humidity conditions, ranging from -40°C to +80°C and Relative Humidity of 5% RH to 95% RH.

Our test chambers can be totally bespoke to meet your specific needs. Our expert team will find solutions to overcome restrictions, such as various site constraints and our units can also be linked to the side of your pre-existing facility.




Our test chambers can suit almost any need, recent applications of our chambers include;

- De-infestation of museum artefacts (carpets, tapestry, wood etc)

- De-bugging of museum animal parts, bones etc

- Vegetation and plant heat and humidity testing

- Clean rooms

- Leather storage

- Motor car and accessory extreme weather testing & research

- Storing forensic evidence

- Holding fresh tropical fish

- Testing industrial / commercial meters

- Electrical control panel testing

- Horticulture testing

- Dark rooms


 Case Study


A multi million pound pipe manufacturing company produces vast amounts of piping for large oil firms in the Middle East. The pipe manufacturers had to ship their product back to the UK every time it needed maintaining as it was believed it could not be carried out in the extreme heat of countries such as Iraq and Saudi Arabia. In order to prove maintenance could be carried out on site they needed to replicate the conditions faced in the Middle East. 

They rented a large test chamber (50m² internal area) from us, set it to 53°C and successfully carried out maintenance work inside. This proved that their product could be maintained even in extreme temperatures. When asked what benefit our unit has brought them they replied: “being able to replicate exact conditions means that we can prove the ability of our products at a variety of temperatures with precise accuracy”. They are now beginning to test at very low temperatures (-30°C) to ensure their products are sustainable at both ends of the spectrum. This process has drastically reduced downtime meaning that the oil firms they work with also save money. The fact that they can now prove the quality of their products has given the pipe manufactures a huge competitive advantage in the market place.



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