Dawsonrentals | temperature control solutions, established in 1990, are the acknowledged market leader for portable temperature controlled unit rental. However, the business has changed dramatically in our 26 year history and now can be described as a hybrid; a partnership between a project management company and a rental operation from which our customers get the best of both worlds.

We aim to be a cost effective solutions provider to business that may be facing critical issues, such as storage and production constraints. Our quick response and installation means we can help you react to time sensitive contracts in an uncertain and ever changing marketplace.

Every project we take on needs to be commercially viable, so we work in partnership with our clients to develop bespoke solutions to meet all of their needs.  We help resolve critical issues rather than just increasing storage space. However, that doesn't mean we can’t supply simple, single units that benefit both us and the client. Please view our products section to get an understanding of what type of units we can supply.